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Inserting a table based on existing content
When you choose the Fixed Column Width option, the column widths remain fi xed unless
you explicitly change them by dragging or by using the Table Properties dialog box. Note
that fi xed is not the same as equal . The column widths might be equal also, but that’s a
different concept.
The AutoFit to Contents command causes a table to automatically resize as you add or
remove material. It’s not a temporary setting, so table columns widths continue to change
when you add or remove text in existing cells.
Think of the AutoFit to Window command as “AutoFit to left and right margins.” This
option means that the table will remain as wide as the document text itself. If you add text
disproportionately to any given column, that column will automatically resize, making the
other columns correspondingly narrower. But the table itself will maintain the width of the
document text.
Inserting a table based on existing content
There is a correspondence between the word tab and the word table . Although the proportion
of the word processing population that was raised on typewriters is rapidly dwindling, those
who took typing classes learned how to fashion tables using the tab stops and the Tab key. Tab
stops are metal hardware on a typewriter that literally stop the carriage when you press the
tab key. Because you can use tab stops to create a table-like arrangement, Word can readily
convert your tab-delineated tables into real tables, and it even can convert information
delimited with other characters such as commas. If for some reason you want to convert a table
back to text, Word can perform that transformation, too.
Converting text to a table
If the text is set up with tabs between the “columns,” you can use the Insert Table
command to convert to a table immediately. Select the text, and then in the Tables group of
the Insert tab click Table
Insert Table. Word instantly determines how many rows and
columns there are and presents your data in a table. Figure 9.6 shows some selected tabbed
text, and a copy of that text below converted to a table with the Insert Table command.
Word automatically AutoFits the new table to the width of the document, so you might
need to resize columns.
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