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Inserting a table based on existing content
Word easily converts a tabbed “table” into an actual Word table.
To size the columns in the new table to better i t the text, move the mouse pointer over the table, right-click the table
move handle, and choose AutoFit
AutoFit to Contents.
If you want control over the number of rows or columns or have text that’s delimited by
something other than tabs, you can use the Convert Text to Table dialog box to perform the
conversion. For example, you might have a document exported from a spreadsheet or
database program as a .csv (comma-separated values) or .txt (plain text) fi le using
delimiters. Or someone may have manually delimited a list with another character, such as an
asterisk. Here’s how to make sure Word cleanly converts this type of content to a table:
1. Select the list of text or data to be converted. You can usually open a
commaseparated values fi le or plain text fi le directly in Word, but you may have to import
other types of fi les.
2. Click Insert
Convert Text to Table. This displays the Convert
Text to Table dialog box, shown in Figure 9.7.
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