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Selecting, copying, and moving in tables
Word’s mouse pointer changes shape to indicate what action a click will perform.
To select a column without using the Ribbon, move the mouse pointer just above the
column so that it turns into a down-pointing black arrow, and click. Again, drag to expand
the selection to include additional contiguous columns, or Ctrl+click to select additional
discrete/noncontiguous columns.
You also can use the Select drop-down list in the Table Group of the Table Tools
contextual tab. As shown in Figure 9.9, the menu includes Select Column and Select Row
commands that you can choose to select the table column or row that currently holds the
insertion point.
Copying table matter
You use the same copy and paste choices to copy a table selection as you would use for regular
text. Use Copy and Paste in the Clipboard group of the Home tab, or use the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V
When copying all or part of a table from one table to another, you need to consider the
dimensions of the source and the target. Sometimes when you paste into the new table, the
whole table is pasted into a single cell rather than individual rows or columns.
As a general rule, when you’re pasting table matter, the receiving table dimensions should
match the source dimensions. If you’re trying to paste a 4 × 5 set of cells into a table whose
dimensions are 6
5 source to the Clipboard, select the desired
4 × 5 location in the receiving table, and then paste. Pasting without fi rst selecting
sometimes works, but sometimes it doesn’t. The situation can get even weirder when you’re
pasting between Word and Excel, so have that Ctrl+Z (Undo) command standing by.
8, copy the 4
To control what happens with respect to formatting, see the File
Cut, copy, and paste section. Use the top four pasting options to specify what happens
when you paste under a variety of circumstances. If necessary, temporarily enable the
desired behavior, perform the paste, and then go back to reset the defaults.
Moving and copying columns
To move one or more adjacent columns within a table, select them and then drag to the desired
column. Release the mouse button anywhere in the destination column. The selected column(s)
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