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Working with Table Layout and Design
Working with Table Layout and Design
Word 2013’s Table Tools
Design and Layout contextual tabs provide you with most of what
you need to create tables that are both aesthetically appealing and functional. The Design
tab tools enable you to improve the table’s appearance. The tools on the Layout tab help
you ensure that the table presents information in a logical way that is meaningful to the
So far we’ve looked at a number of basic tools that help you achieve the right structure for
your tables. In this section we’re going to look at how to mold tables into shape and then
polish them for your audience.
Many of the Ribbon commands described in this section are also available in the right-click shortcut menu.
Modifying table layout
We all know that situations, ideas, and data change. Let’s look at how to cope with changes
that impact the structure of data in a table.
All references to the Layout tab in this section refer to the Table Tools
Layout contextual
tab to keep the descriptions brief. None of the Layout tab tools provide Live Preview, so
carefully review the impact of any layout change and use Ctrl+Z to undo a change
immediately if it doesn’t have the desired impact.
Deleting table, row, column, and cell contents
Sometimes you need to trim your tables by deleting rows or columns. Sometimes you have
to delete the entire table, which is one of Word’s less intuitive processes. If you select a
table and press the Delete key, the data inside the table is deleted, but the table rows and
columns remain. The same thing sometimes happens when you try to delete a cell, a row, or
a column.
If the table is part of a larger selection of text with text both above and below the table selected, then pressing
Delete does remove the table as well as the additionally selected text.
Rather than say this a half dozen times, let’s just say it once. If you want to remove the
contents of a cell, row, column, or table, select what you want to remove and press the
Delete key. In the sections that follow we’fill be looking at table structure, not contents.
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