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Working with Table Layout and Design
Deleting a table
You can use any of the following methods to delete an entire table:
Click anywhere in the table, and in the Layout tab click Delete in the Rows &
Columns group, and click Delete Table, as shown in Figure 9.15. Word deletes the
table immediately.
Delete the current cell, column, row, or table using the Layout tab’s Delete menu.
Move the mouse pointer over the table, right-click the table move handle, and then
click Cut.
Select the table using the method of your choice, and then press Backspace.
Deleting rows, columns, and cells
To delete the current row or column, use techniques similar to deleting the table. Select
the row(s), column(s), or cell(s) and press Backspace, or choose Layout
Rows, Layout Delete Columns, or Layout Delete Cells.
When deleting cells, Word needs a little more information. The Delete Cells dialog box
shown in Figure 9.16 prompts you to specify how to shift remaining cells or whether you in
fact really mean to delete the row or column. Make your selection and click OK.
Word prompts to fi nd out how to handle the rest of the column or row when you delete a
single cell.
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