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Working with Table Layout and Design
Word cannot merge into multiple cells.
If you are also an Excel user, you could use Excel to merge columns of data as in the previous example. Excel has
functions that enable you to join text from two separate cells into a single entry.
Splitting cells, rows, and columns
At fi rst it seemed that one cell, row, or column was fi ne, but later you decide that the logic
of the table layout calls for two (or more) cells where there once was one. If you split a
cell that holds text, the text will remain in the left or upper-left cell in the split group. In
Figure 9.19, the cell with X-Large in it was split into three cells, as illustrated by the
settings in the Split Cells dialog box.
To perform a split, select the cell(s) to split, click Split cells in the Merge group of the
Layout tab, make Number of columns and Number of rows entries as needed in the Split
Cells dialog box, and click OK.
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