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Modifying table design
Modifying table design
Word 2013 provides a number of powerful tools to help you quickly enhance the look and
feel of your tables. One of these tools, Table Styles, features Live Preview. In this section
we’fill look only at the features contained in the Table Tools
Design contextual tab, shown
in Figure 9.26.
The Design contextual tab provides access to six Table Style Options and a gallery of Table
Applying a table style
Word 2013’s refreshed and updated preset table styles enable you to change the look of any
table with just a few clicks. Table styles provide a wide variety of formatting that you can
preview live in your table. You can use styles to ensure a consistent, professional look when
you include multiple tables within a single document. You can also modify a table style and
save the modifi ed versions for later use.
To apply a table style, click anywhere in the table to format, and then click the Table
Tools Design contextual tab (from here referred to as the Design tab for simplicity). In
Table Styles, hover the mouse over various styles and observe the changes to your table. As
you move the mouse, tooltips display the name of the selected table style (such as Plain
Table 1), as shown in Figure 9.27.
As you move the mouse over various table styles, the currently selected table displays a Live
Preview of the formatting.
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