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Modifying table design
Choosing table style options
The Table Style Options group at the left end of the Design tab provides access to six
options, shown in Figure 9.26, that you can apply to your table. For some of these to work,
you have to apply a table style that includes shading rather than trying to use them with
the plain Table Grid style that is the default for newly inserted tables. After you apply an
overall table style, click to check to apply Table Style Options to your tables, or remove
checks to turn the corresponding features off:
Header Row: Applies special formatting to the entire top row in your table.
First Column: Applies special formatting to the entire fi rst column.
Total Row: Applies special formatting to the last row, generally a double border
above the row as for traditional accounting formatting for numeric totals. The
formatting may be omitted for the fi rst cell.
Last Column: Applies special formatting to the last column, except for the top cell.
Banded Rows: Alternates shading in rows to create a horizontal striping effect.
This helps the reader focus on specifi c rows.
Banded Columns: Alternates shading in columns to create vertical stripes, focusing
the reader on columnar comparisons.
Shading cells
You can apply shading (a background fi fill color) to individual cells, rows, columns, or to a
complete table. You can use shading sometimes to draw attention to one or more elements
of a table. For example, if you added a row with calculated averages to the bottom of
a table, you might want to call attention to that data with special shading. It’s also
common to use shading to set off a title row or column.
Select the cells, rows, or columns to shade, and then click Shading in the Table Styles group
of the Design tab. Live Preview works with the Shading gallery, as shown in Figure 9.29.
Move the mouse pointer over a color to preview it on the selection, and then click when
you’re ready to apply a color. Figure 9.29 shows light shading applied to the left column
of a table, with darker shading being previewed in the top row. Note that when you apply
Theme Colors as your shading choices, those colors automatically update whenever you
apply a new theme to the document. Use the More Colors command to apply colors that
won’t change when you change the theme.
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