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Modifying table design
Use the Modify Style dialog box to make changes to a table style.
3. Open the Apply formatting to drop-down list and choose the part of the table
for which you want to change formatting.
4. Use the formatting choices above the preview to format the selected item.
5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to change additional parts of the style.
6. Check an option to store the style Only in this document or in New documents
based on this template.
7. Click OK.
If you want to create a new style rather than modify one of the existing ones — which is
a good choice when you want to keep all the original table styles intact — click the New
Table Style choice at the bottom of the Table Styles gallery. The Create New Style from
Formatting dialog box that appears has the same settings as those in the Modify Style
dialog box shown in Figure 9.30. Enter a table Name, and then open the Style based on the
drop-down list to choose an existing table style to serve as the model or base for your new
style. Make formatting adjustments as described in Steps 3 and 4 here, choose where to
store the fi le, and then click OK to fi nish creating your new style. The new style will appear
in a category named Custom at the top of the Table Styles gallery.
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