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Adding a Shape
Adding a Shape
In addition to adding a table and inserting other types of graphics such as pictures (which
you’fill learn about next) into a document, you can insert a predefi ned shape. To add a shape
to the current page of the document:
1. Click the Insert tab, and in the Illustrations group, click Shapes.
2. In the Shapes gallery (see Figure 9.33), click a shape in one of the categories:
Recently Used Shapes, Lines, Rectangles, Basic Shapes, Block Arrows, Equation
Shapes, Flowchart, Stars and Banners, or Callouts.
Insert a shape from the Shapes gallery.
3. Add the shape to the document using one of two methods:
Click to insert the shape at its default size.
Drag on the page to specify the size that you want for the shape.
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