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Inserting a Picture from a File
Generally speaking, you can combine Flowchart shapes along with the Lines shapes to create l owchart-like
graphics. (Group the shapes after sizing and positioning them.) However, if you often need to create complex, professional
l owcharts, a program such as Visio may be more appropriate for your needs.
Formatting a shape resembles formatting a picture and other types of graphics, which
you’fill learn more about later in the chapter. The key difference is that the commands for
formatting a shape are found on the Drawing Tools Format contextual tab rather than
the Picture Tools Format tab. One big difference in formatting options has to do with the
overall composition of the shape. In most cases, when you insert a shape and select it by
clicking it, one or more yellow handles appear along with the regular selection handles.
You can drag these handles to redefi ne the proportions of individual aspects of the shape
within the overall shape boundary. For example, Figure 9.34 shows three copies of the same
shape. The left one shows how the shape appeared when originally inserted. It is selected,
and the yellow smart handle appears at the left side of the circular center. In the middle
copy I dragged the smart handle as far toward the center as possible. In the right copy, I
dragged the smart handle as far away from the center as possible.
Use any yellow smart handles that appear to redefi ne the internal proportions of the shape.
Smart handle
Inserting a Picture from a File
You can insert pictures in Word in several ways, using pictures from a variety of graphics
formats. If you have pictures on removable media — such as SD (secure digital), CF (com-
pact fl ash), CD, DVD, or USB drive — it’s usually best to copy those pictures to your hard
drive before you proceed. Although you can insert directly from such sources, or from a
network location or over the Internet, you have more options available to you if the fi les
are on your own computer in a location that is always accessible.
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