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Adding the picture
You might also have pictures available from a webcam, another camera, or a scanner
connected to your computer. To use pictures from these types of devices, save the images to
your hard drive fi rst.
Though it’s not necessary, you often can save time when pictures, sounds, and other fi les
are where Word and other programs expect them to be. In the case of pictures, the expected
location is your Pictures Library (or the My Pictures folder, which the Pictures library in
Windows 7 or 8 integrates by default).
this topic assumes that you’re working with a Word 2010 or Word 2013 . docx i le, and not a Word 97–2003
Compatibility Mode i le. This matters because in Compatibility Mode, picture i le linking is accomplished with the
INCLUDEPICTURE i eld. In a Word 2013 i le, linking is accomplished with XML relationships.
Adding the picture
To insert a picture at the current insertion location in a document:
1. Click Pictures in the Illustrations group of the Insert tab. The Insert Picture
dialog box appears as shown in Figure 9.35, by default showing the contents of your
Pictures library.
When you insert a picture, the Pictures Library contents appear fi rst.
2. If the picture is in an alternate location, navigate to it.
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