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Adding the picture
Notice in Figure 9.35 that SkyDrive appears as a choice under Favorites. This choice appears when you have the
SkyDrive for Windows application installed. When you copy a picture to your local SkyDrive Pictures folder and then
sign in to, or upload a picture to your SkyDrive Pictures folder, the local and online Picture folders sync
to have the same contents. In the Insert Pictures dialog box, click SkyDrive and then double-click Pictures to access
the local copies of your synced image i les.
3. Once you’ve found the picture to insert, you can either double-click it to insert
it immediately or click it once and choose an insert method from the Insert
button drop-down list. The options for inserting pictures are:
Insert: The picture is embedded in the current document. If the original is ever
deleted or moved, it will still exist in your document. If the original is ever
updated, however, your document will not refl ect the update. The document fi le
will be larger because the original image is stored in the . docx fi le. If neither
fi le size nor updates are important, this is the best option.
Link to File: A link to the picture is inserted, and the picture is displayed in
the document. The document fi le will be smaller — often dramatically smaller —
because the image is external to the Word document. If the original fi le is moved
or deleted, it will no longer be available for viewing in the document, and you
will see the error message shown in Figure 9.36 (see the Caution that follows
for more information). On the other hand, if the image is modifi ed or updated,
the update will be available and displayed in Word. If fi le size is an issue but the
availability of the image fi le is not, then this is the best option.
If you rename, move, or delete a linked picture fi le, Word will not be able to
display it.
Insert and Link: The image is both embedded in the document and linked to
the original fi le. If the original fi le is updated, the picture in the document will
be updated to refl ect changes in the original. Because the fi le is embedded, the
document will be larger than it would be if only linked. However, the document
will not be larger than it would be if only inserted. If fi le size is not an issue but
updates are, this is the best option.
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