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Adding an Online Picture
A default Word installation includes all the available graphics i filters (converters). To make sure all the graphics i filters
are installed, open Control Panel and click Uninstall a program under Programs. Click the Microsoft office 2013
choice (the name may vary depending on your version of office), and click Change. Type an administrator password
when prompted, and then click Yes. Leave Add or Remove Features selected in the installation dialog box that opens,
and click Continue. In the Installation Options tab, click the plus (+) icon beside office Shared Features. Click the
plus (+) icon beside Converters and Filters. Click the plus (+) icon beside Graphics Filters. Click the drop-down
beside any converter you need to make sure it is installed, and click Run from My Computer if that option is not
selected. Then click Continue to continue with the installation update, and close Control Panel when you i nish. You
may be prompted for an installation DVD, depending on how you set up Word.
If your fi le format isn’t supported natively by Word 2013, your best bet might be to open it
in the program originally used to create it, if available, and use Save As to convert it to a
graphic fi le format that Word supports, such as JPEG. This is especially true if you created
the image in a relatively esoteric type of design/drafting software or something like that.
You could also search the web for a freeware or low-cost graphics editing program that can
convert the desired fi le format; check the program’s capabilities carefully before buying.
The freeware program Gimp ( ) can open and save to a number of different
graphics fi le formats, as can IrfanView ( ) , another
freeware graphic program.
Adding an Online Picture
Prior versions of Word included a locally stored collection of clip art images that you could
insert through a Clip Art pane or gallery. Word 2013 does away with that functionality,
replacing it with a streamlined Online Pictures tool that enables you to fi nd and insert
pictures and clipart from Offi, Bing Image Search, your SkyDrive, or Flickr. (It wouldn’t
be surprising to see other social media/sharing services added in future updates.)
This section shows you how to search for and select an image from Offi The
benefi t of choosing Offi over Bing Image Search is that Offi offers royalty-free
images for use in your projects free of charge. (According to 8.1 in the Microsoft Services
microsoft-services-agreement , you simply can’t resell the pictures or any project
that relies primarily on them. For example, you might get into trouble if you downloaded
an image from Offi, made 8 × 10 color printouts of it, and then tried to frame them
and sell them as art.) Images on Bing Image Search are released under the Creative Commons
licensing scheme. This means that the owner of each image or illustration determines the
particular licensing. For example, a Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike 3.0 License
requires that you give credit (attribution) as specifi ed by the creator anywhere you use the
image or illustration, and that you share any derivatives or alterations of the work under
the same license. When you select a picture or illustration after using Bing Image Search,
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