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Pasting or Snapping a Picture
Select the image or illustration you want to insert, and then click Insert.
The process for fi nding a picture with Bing Image Search is similar to the above, except in
Step 3 you would type the search term in the text box to the right of Bing Image Search,
instead. Then run the search. To insert a picture from your SkyDrive from the Insert
Pictures window, make sure you are signed in to Word using your Microsoft account. Open
Insert Pictures, and click Browse to the right of your SkyDrive. The window displays the
folders in your SkyDrive, including the Pictures folder. Click a folder to display its items,
click an image to insert, and then click the Insert button.
The i rst time you click the Flickr button at the bottom of the Insert Pictures window, you’fill see a prompt to connect
to your account. Click Connect, and then enter your account sign-in information when prompted.
Pasting or Snapping a Picture
It may not always be the case that the source image is one stored on your hard disk. You
may want to grab an image out of a document you’ve received from another user and reuse
it yourself, or you may have downloaded a PDF fi le with an image you’d like to reuse. Or you
may want to take a picture of what you’re doing in another Offi ce program to include in the
current document. Let’s see how that works.
Pasting a picture
You can also insert pictures from the Clipboard and from your Internet browser (usually,
but not always). To use the Clipboard, display the picture in any Windows program that
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