Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Chapter 1: Welcome to Microsoft Office 2013
Welcome to Microsoft
Office 2013
Reviewing the core Microsoft Office business applications
Looking at additional Office applications
Getting a first look at new features in Office 2013
Starting and closing an application
Finding a file
Browsing and finding Help
Microsoft Office 2013 provides a comprehensive toolkit for tackling day-to-day productivity
and communication tasks for business or personal purposes. This chapter introduces the
individual Office applications and teaches you skills for getting started using them.
Learning about Office Applications
Microsoft Office 2013 offers a robust set of applications, each tailor-made to provide the best
tools for a particular job. For example, if you’re creating a letter, you may need to work with
commands for formatting text. If you need to total sales fi gures, you’fill need an automated way to
sum the numbers.
Offi ce provides applications that enable you to handle each of those aforementioned scenarios and
more. Read on to learn which Offi ce applications to use for creating text-based documents,
manipulating numbers, presenting your ideas, or even communicating with others.
Microsoft offers several different versions of the Microsoft Offi ce 2013 software suite, including
the Home & Student, Home & Business, and Professional retail versions. In addition, some plans
for the Offi ce 365 subscription service will include licensed copies of the different versions of
the Offi ce software, including a Professional Plus version, with the version varying depending on
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