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Manipulating Inserted Pictures (and Other Graphics)
In Word 2013, you also can click the Layout Options button that appears to the right of a
selected picture or graphic to access Text Wrapping settings in a fl yout, as shown in Figure
9.42. You can click one of the wrap settings under In Line with Text or With Text Wrapping
to change the wrapping. Clicking See more opens the Layout dialog box; you can use the
settings on the Position tab to set a precise Horizontal and Vertical location on the page for
the selected graphic, or the Text Wrapping tab to set more general wrapping options. For
example, you can use the Distance from text settings to control the white space between
the wrapped graphic and surrounding text.
The Layout Options button also enables you to work with text wrapping.
Rotate handle
Sizing handle
Both the Wrap Text button menu and the Layout Options l yout include Move with text and Fix position on page
options (with different capitalization, however). Choosing Move with text, the default, means the graphic will stay
with its surrounding text, moving up or down as needed when you delete or add text earlier in the document. The Fix
position on page option keeps the graphic in the same position, unless so much text is added or deleted that the
paragraph it’s anchored to moves to the next or prior page; in that case, the graphic moves with its anchor to the new
page. Figure 9.42 shows the anchor icon at the upper left of a selected picture.
You can also change the default Wrap Text setting. In most cases, having a graphic appear
in line wastes space and can interrupt the fl ow of the text, especially if you weren’t precise
about positioning when you inserted a graphic. To set the default wrapping style for most
graphic objects you insert, paste, or create, choose File Options Advanced. In the Cut,
copy, and paste section, click the Insert/paste pictures as drop-down list arrow, and click
the desired default Wrap Text setting. Then click OK.
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