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Manipulating Inserted Pictures (and Other Graphics)
You should note that when you insert shapes, Word applies the In Front of Text Wrap Text
setting by default. If you copy a picture from one part of a document and paste it elsewhere, the
copy inherits the wrapping style of the original picture, and won’t use your default.
Changing wrap points
When you’ve applied some of the Wrap Text settings to a picture or an object, you can
change the wrap points . The wrap points are special handles that enable you to alter the
wrapping boundaries for a graphic. Moving the wrap points further away from the graphic
puts more space between the graphic and the text. For example, you might move the top
corner wrap points for a photo up to add white space above the photo. To edit the wrap
points for a graphic:
1. Click the picture or graphic (you might need to click twice), to select it, and
then apply the desired text wrapping setting if needed.
2. Choose Wrap Text Edit Wrap Points in the Arrange group in the Picture
Format tab (or from the applicable contextual tab for the selected
object). The object border changes color and the wrap point handles appear.
3. Drag the wrap point handles to the desired position, as shown in Figure 9.43.
As you can see in the fi gure, the mouse pointer also changes when the wrap points
are active.
Move wrap points to change the way text fl ows around a picture.
4. Click outside the selected object to deactivate the wrap points.
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