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Moving a graphic
Choosing a position
The Position gallery in the Arrange group of the Picture Tools Format tab (or the Drawing
Format tab) enables you to skip moving a picture or graphic and setting wrapping
on your own and just have Word handle it for you. Select the object to move into position,
and then click Position in the Arrange group. A gallery of choices appears. Click one of the
choices under With Text Wrapping to move the picture to the specifi ed location on the
current page.
Moving a graphic
You can move any graphic by dragging it, and some graphics can be dropped anywhere in
the document. Graphics with Wrap Text (from the Arrange group in the Format contextual
tab) set to In Line with Text, however, can be dropped only at a paragraph mark. All other
graphics (in other words, those with wrapping settings that enable them to “fl oat”) can be
dragged and dropped anywhere. To drag a graphic, click to select it, and then drag it where
you want it to go.
Word won’t let you drag a picture or other graphic into position when Wrap Text is set to In Line with Text, because
that wrap setting anchors the graphic to its original inserted location. If you i nd you can’t move a picture to a new
location as desired, check the Wrap Text setting and make sure it’s set to an option that enables you to move the
Dragging a graphic with live layout and alignment guides
Word 2013 now provides a more real time preview of how your document will look as you
move and resize objects. The live layout feature causes text to refl ow around a wrapped
graphic as you move it around. For example, this can be important if you have automatic
hyphenation turned on and want to choose a position for the graphic that causes the least
hyphenation. Live layout works hand in hand with the new alignment guides feature. One
or more alignment guides appear when you drag a graphic and it reaches a position where
it lines up with text, such as the top of a paragraph as shown in Figure 9.44, or the left
margin, right margin, or center point of the page. If you release the mouse button when an
alignment guide appears, chances are the graphic will land in a more pleasing position than
you might achieve if purely aligning by eyeball. This method is also faster than using the
Layout dialog box to align to the left or right margin.
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