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Resizing, rotating, and cropping a picture
Alignment guides appear as you drag a graphic to enable you to align it precisely with text or
other graphics.
Alignment guide
You can control live layout in Word Options. Choose File
Options. On the General tab, check or clear Update
document content while dragging. The option also appears on the Advanced tab under Display. Click OK to apply the
You can also nudge a selected fl oating graphic. Select it, and then use the arrow keys on
the keyboard to move it a small distance in any of the four directions. Nudging works well
for precise alignments, but alignment guides do not appear when you use this feature, so
you will have to go by eye.
To drag in discrete steps using Word’s built-in alignment gridlines, hold the Alt key as
you drag, and drag slowly. You will see the graphic jump in small increments as it snaps to
the grid. If you display the gridlines by checking Gridlines in the Show group of the View
tab, however, Alt-dragging works in reverse, making Word ignore the grid. With the grid
displayed, arrow key nudging also changes. Now the arrow keys move the picture in grid
increments. Press the Ctrl key to nudge in smaller gradations.
The vertical and horizontal gridlines are an eighth of an inch apart, so nudging in any
direction with the gridline displayed moves the graphic 1/8 inch at a time. Note that when
gridlines are displayed, they will display in all open documents.
Resizing, rotating, and cropping a picture
Resizing changes the physical dimensions of the picture or other graphic as it is displayed
in your document. Resizing in Word will not make the associated fi le (or the image stored
in the . docx fi le) any larger or smaller. If you make it smaller and then later make it larger,
you still retain the original fi le resolution.
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