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Resizing, rotating, and cropping a picture
Cropping refers to blocking out certain portions of a picture by changing its exterior
borders. You can crop out distracting or unnecessary details. Again, cropping in Word does
not affect the actual picture itself, only the way it is displayed in Word. The fact that Word
doesn’t change the actual image is a big plus, because you can undo the cropping if you
later change your mind.
Resizing and cropping a picture i le in a graphics editing program does change the picture itself. Keep this distinction
in mind. Once you’ve saved a cropped or resized picture in a graphics program, you can’t get the original back. If you
want to crop graphics outside of Word to keep the i le sizes more limited, always make a copy of each picture i le and
crop the copy.
Resizing and rotating
You can resize a picture by typing the measurements or by dragging. To resize by dragging,
click on the picture and then move the mouse pointer so that it’s over one of the eight
sizing handles (refer to Figure 9.42). The mouse pointer changes into a double arrow. Drag
until the picture is the desired size and then release the mouse button. Note that dragging
the corner handles maintains the aspect ratio of the picture, whereas dragging the side
handles can be used to stretch or compress the picture.
Hold down the Ctrl and/or Alt keys while dragging to modify the way resizing occurs:
To resize symmetrically from the center point of the picture or graphic, causing the
picture to increase or decrease by the same amount in all directions, hold down the
Ctrl key while dragging.
To resize in discrete steps, snapping to the alignment gridlines while hidden, press
and hold down the Alt key while dragging and drag slowly, so that you can see
each size increment as you go; if gridlines are displayed, the Alt key’s behavior is
reversed, as indicated earlier.
You can combine these options. For example, holding down the Alt and Ctrl keys at the
same time while dragging a sizing handle slowly forces Word to resize in discrete steps
while resizing from the center.
To specify an exact picture or graphic size, select the entry in the Shape Height and/or
Shape Width text boxes in the Size group at the right end of the Picture Tools Format
tab (or Drawing Tools
Format tab) of the Ribbon. Type a new value, and press Enter.
By default, these settings maintain the aspect ratio automatically, so if you enter a new
Height and press Enter, the Width adjusts accordingly. To be able to change the picture
proportions via the Size group settings, click the dialog box launcher in the Size group.
Remove the check next to Lock aspect ratio on the Size tab of the Layout dialog box, and
then click OK. (Note that for shape graphics, Lock aspect ratio is turned off by default, so
the default setting differs depending on the selected object.)
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