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Formatting a picture or shape
Crop to hide part of a picture or to change its overall shape.
To uncrop an image, select it, click the Reset Picture drop-down list button in the Adjust group of the Format
contextual tab, and click Reset Picture & Size. Note that this will also undo other picture formatting that you’ve applied.
Formatting a picture or shape
You don’t have to settle for a picture’s original appearance when you insert it into a
document. Word offers a variety of tools for making formatting adjustments. Applying
uniform styles and effects to the pictures and other graphics in a document creates a unifi ed
look. This is the kind of approach that graphic designers use to create the brand identity
for a magazine, for example. Here you learn how to fi nd the settings you need to update
the appearance of pictures and other graphics in your documents. Word offers dozens of
changes that you can apply, so much so that every feature cannot be covered in detail here.
Taking the time to explore the settings introduced here can help you make a document’s
graphics even more interesting.
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