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Formatting a picture or shape
Applying picture styles
Double-clicking one of the items in the Picture Styles of the Format tab enables you to
apply any of a number of preset styles to the selected picture. The styles include various
combinations of frames or borders, cropping, glows, shadows, and more. After selecting
the picture, click the More button to display all of the gallery’s choices. You can move the
mouse over each style to see a Live Preview of it on the selected picture (or pictures). Note
that the speed of Live Preview may be heavily affected by the size of the graphic fi le. If
the picture is 2 MB, Live Preview is going to be a lot slower than if the fi le were only 50 KB.
When you fi nd the style that you prefer, click it to apply it to the picture.
Note that for shapes, the Drawing Tools
Format tab has a Shape Styles group with a Shape Styles gallery. The
choices in that gallery enable you to apply different combinations of i fills and borders, based on the applied theme, to
the selected shape.
Applying a border or picture effects
You can apply a basic color border to a selected picture using the Picture Border button in
the Picture Styles group of the Picture Tools Format tab. (For a shape, you would use the
Shape Outline tool in the Shape Styles group of the Drawing Tools
Format tab.) You have
the option of using the drop-down that appears to change three settings for the border:
Color: Click one of the Theme Colors or Standard Colors, or click More Outline Colors
to choose a custom color. Keep in mind that when you use a theme color, the border
color will update if you change the document theme.
Weight: Click this option and then click a border width in the submenu that
Dashes: Click to display a submenu of border styles, and then click the desired
Click the No Outline choice in the Picture Border drop-down to remove any previously
applied outline.
You can apply and refi ne additional effects with the Picture Effects tool, also located in
the Picture Styles group. You can choose one of the Preset choices that combines effects,
or apply any combination of individual effects that you prefer. In Figure 9.46, the picture
already has a Refl ection choice and a Bevel choice applied, and the Live Preview shows a
potential Glow effect.
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