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Formatting a picture or shape
Apply any combination of Picture Effects to achieve the look you want.
Use the Picture Layout choice in the Picture Styles group of the Picture Tools
Format tab to convert a picture to a
SmartArt object.
Applying other picture adjustments
Word also features seven tools for adjusting picture attributes in the Adjust group of the
Picture Tools Format tab shown in Figure 9.46. Use the tools to accomplish a number of
common tasks:
Remove Background: Lets you automatically/selectively remove portions of a
picture based on color patterns. For example, this feature can remove everything from
a picture except for a single object, such as a fl ower or a car. After you click this
tool, use the Mark Areas to Remove, Mark Areas to Keep, and Remove Mark buttons
in the Refi ne group of the Background Removal tab to determine which portions of
the image to remove and keep, and then click Keep Changes.
Corrections: Clicking this button displays a gallery of preset corrections you can
use to Sharpen/Soften or adjust the Brightness/Contrast of the selected picture for
better printing or on-screen presentation. Move your mouse over the presets to
preview their impact on the selected image, and then click the desired preset.
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