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Formatting a picture or shape
Color: Open this gallery to see Color Saturation and Color Tone correction presets,
as well as a variety of Recolor options for changing the overall color of the image.
For example, you can apply Grayscale, Sepia, or Washout, or recolor the image using
one of the theme colors. Use the mouse to preview a choice on the selected image,
and then click it.
Artistic Effects: This gallery provides more than a dozen special presets that
you can use to transform the selected picture’s overall appearance, such as Chalk
Sketch, Paint Strokes, and Film Grain. Use your mouse to Live Preview an effect,
and then click it.
Compress Picture: Use this tool to reduce the size of the pictures stored in the fi le
to the minimum needed for a given output. Clicking this tool displays the Compress
Pictures dialog box. Under Compression Options, clear the Apply only to this picture
check box if you want to compress all pictures in the document. Choose a
resolution under Target output, and then click OK. If you will need to make high quality
printouts of your document, be cautious when using this feature. Compressing
picture size can reduce the image quality, and because the feature discards
information during the process, you can’t undo it later.
Change Picture: Clicking this tool opens the Insert Pictures window, where you
can choose to replace the selected picture with a different one. You can either use
Insert from fi le to select a locally stored replacement image fi le or search online
for a replacement. Picture Styles and Effects applied carry over to the replacement
picture, as do changes applied with other tools in the Adjust group. Cropping and
resizing, however, do not.
Reset Picture: Removes formatting applied with Picture Styles, Picture Effects,
and other Adjust tools (except for Change and Compress). If you open the menu
for this option, as noted earlier, you can Choose Reset Picture & Size to restore a
cropped picture.
Using the Format Picture pane
If you click the dialog box launcher in the Picture Styles group of the Picture Tools
Format tab, the Format Picture pane shown in Figure 9.47 appears at the right. You also
can display this pane by right-clicking a selected picture and clicking Format Picture. The
Format Picture pane in Word 2013 replaces the Format Picture dialog box found in previous
Word versions and offers settings for you to fi ne-tune presets and other format changes
made to a selected picture. Click one of the icons at top to choose an overall category of
settings, click an arrow to expand particular settings, and then change the detailed
settings. For example, Figure 9.47 shows the detailed settings for working with the Refl ection
preset applied to the selected image. The category icons at the top of the pane include:
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