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Formatting a picture or shape
Find more detailed settings in the Format Picture pane.
Fill & Line: Use to change the settings for any interior Fill or Line (border) applied
to the picture.
Effects: Select to work with detailed Shadow, Refl ection, Glow, Soft Edges, 3-D
Format, 3-D Rotation, and Artistic Effects settings for the selected image.
Layout & Properties: The Text Box settings here generally are not active for
pictures, but you can use the Alt Text choices to add accessibility information.
Picture: Make changes here to Picture Correction, Picture Color, and Crop settings.
The Format Shape pane that appears when you click the dialog box launcher for the Shape Styles group of the Drawing
Tools ➪ Format tab offers similar choices for reformatting a selected shape or other graphic such as a text box.
For some types of objects, you can display a pane with formatting or other settings by double-clicking, but this
technique doesn’t work with image i les.
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