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Creating WordArt from scratch
Creating WordArt from scratch
The WordArt tool makes it surprisingly simple to create decorative text. Here’s how to
insert a new WordArt object into your document:
1. Click to position the insertion point where you want to insert the WordArt.
2. Click the Insert tab, and then click the Insert WordArt button in the Text
group. Word presents you with the WordArt Style gallery, shown in Figure 9.48.
Click a style in the WordArt gallery.
3. Click a style in the gallery. Word applies the style to the placeholder phrase Your
Text Here in the WordArt object.
4. Type your text.
5. (Optional) Select the text in the object and apply additional formatting as
desired. This step is optional because you also can reselect the WordArt later to
change its formatting.
6. Click Outside the WordArt object to fi nish it.
The wrap setting applied to a new WordArt object varies depending on whether the
document already has text or not. If you insert WordArt in a blank document or one with only
other objects, the new WordArt graphic appears in the upper-left corner of the document
(although not in the header), formatted with wrapping set to In Front of Text. You can
change the wrapping as desired using the Wrap Text choices in the Arrange group of the
Drawing Tools
Format tab, and drag the WordArt text box where you want it.
If you positioned the insertion point in some text or have selected some text before adding
the WordArt, it is inserted at the beginning of the current paragraph, also formatted
with the In Front of Text wrapping style. You can change the wrapping style to create a
decorative effect at the beginning of the paragraph, as shown in Figure 9.49.
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