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Creating WordArt from selected text
Use WordArt to draw attention to the beginning of the paragraph or create wrapped titles.
When you insert WordArt within text, Word anchors it to the current paragraph’s paragraph mark. Deleting the paragraph
mark that “owns” the WordArt deletes the WordArt as well. Note also that WordArt text boxes are not inserted with the
default wrapping style (set in File
Cut, Copy, and Paste
Insert/paste pictures as).
Creating WordArt from selected text
If you’ve already entered all the text for a document or have received a document to format
from another person, the text that you want to format as WordArt may already be included
in the document. If that’s the case, select the text, and then select the WordArt type as
described in Steps 2 and 3 in the previous section. The selected text appears in the WordArt
object. Unlike in Word 2007 and earlier, the 10-word/200-character limit for WordArt text
no longer exists, so it’s possible to format entire paragraphs as WordArt. You might want to
do this to create a fl yer or a pull quote.
Formatting WordArt text
Because WordArt is integrated into Word’s main graphics engine, Word displays the Drawing
Format contextual tab when you select a WordArt object by clicking it and then
clicking its border. As shown in Figure 9.50, the tab offers the same text-formatting tools
that are available for text boxes and the same shape-formatting tools that are available for
all Word shapes. You will also notice that there is also a lot of overlap of applicable tools
when you’re working with pictures.
Word displays the Drawing Tools
Format tab for formatting WordArt.
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