Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Microsoft Word 2013 enables you to create appealing documents.
Word enables you to do more than just make your documents look great. Its features can
help you enhance your document text more easily and furthermore create sophisticated
elements such as footnotes, endnotes, and more. You’fill learn about these powerful Word
features, among others, later in this topic:
Templates: A template is a starter document that supplies the document design,
text formatting, and, often, placeholder text or suggested text. Add your own text
and your document is fi nished!
Styles: If you like a particular combination of formatting settings that you’ve applied
to text, you can save the combination as a style that you can easily apply to other text.
Tables: Add a table to organize text in a grid of rows and columns to which you can
then apply terrifi c formatting. In Word 2013, you can add a title and a summary to
a table to better describe its contents.
Graphics: You can add all types of pictures to your documents and even create
diagrams like the one in Figure 1.2 using the SmartArt feature. Some SmartArt
layouts even enable you to insert pictures as shown in Figure 1.2.
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