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Inserting SmartArt
Enter text to appear in the various shapes in a SmartArt graphic.
contextual tab. Click the choice again if you want to hide the text pane after you i nish entering text for the graphic.
If the text pane doesn’t appear, click Text Pane in the Create Graphic group of the SmartArt Tools
5. Click each [Text] placeholder in the text pane at the left. As you type, the text
appears in the corresponding SmartArt shape on the right.
6. Click outside the graphic when you fi nish working with it.
There are a variety of ways to enter and format text in the text pane. The following list,
though not exhaustive, offers a number of methods that work. Note that some actions can
also be performed via the Create Graphic group in the SmartArt Tools
Design tab.
To move to the next item, press the down arrow. Use the other arrow keys to
navigate in the text entry box as well.
To add a new item to the list, press Enter, either at the end of the list of items or
above an existing item.
To demote the current item, if possible, press the Tab key.
To promote the current item, press Shift+Tab.
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