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Changing layout, style, and colors
To delete an item, select it, and press the Backspace key.
To change the font for an item, select the text you want to change, mouse over the
selection, and use the Mini Toolbar.
You can also enter text directly, without using the text pane. Click in the SmartArt
item and type.
The text pane can be moved and resized if it’s in the way: Drag it to a more
convenient location or drag any of the four sides to resize the text area.
Note that basic paragraph and character formatting can be applied to SmartArt shapes.
Indents, bullets, and numbering cannot be applied, nor can styles. You can assign a style to
the overall diagram; however, effects are limited unless the SmartArt item is In line with
text. To change the font used in all the text in a SmartArt object, display the text pane,
click in it, press Ctrl+A to select the contents of the text area, and then right-click and set
the desired font.
Changing layout, style, and colors
You can change a SmartArt diagram’s overall layout, colors, and style at any time using
the tools in the Layouts and SmartArt Styles groups of the SmartArt Tools
contextual tab. Select the SmartArt graphic by clicking it, and use the Layouts Gallery, shown in
Figure 9.53, to choose a different layout. Note that the gallery works with Live Preview. You
aren’t limited to applying the same class (List, Hierarchy, Process, Cycle,) of layout, either.
SmartArt will adapt the different designs using the relationship levels currently applied.
You can apply any layout to any SmartArt list.
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