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Adding a shape
SmartArt Styles enable you to apply a variety of preset formatting to the selected SmartArt
diagram. Click the More button to open the gallery and point to any choice — again, Live
Preview helps you to make a selection. The styles offer both 2-D and 3-D options, as well as
a variety of sophisticated surface treatments.
Open the Change Colors gallery beside the SmartArt styles to preview and select from a
variety of color schemes you can apply to the selected SmartArt graphic.
When the entire SmartArt graphic is selected, a Layout Options button appears at the right. Click it and then click
the setting to use to wrap text around the graphic.
Adding a shape
You have to add and remove shapes in a SmartArt graphic to control the content that appears. You
can do so in the text pane as noted earlier. Or you can click the SmartArt diagram to select it,
click a shape within the diagram to which the new shape will relate, and then click the Add Shape
drop-down list arrow in the Create Graphic group of the Design tab. The choices that appear are
Add Shape After, Add Shape Before, Add Shape Above, and Add Shape Below. (Depending on the
nature and position of the shape you initially selected, not all of these choices may be active.)
Click the desired shape location, and then type the text for the new shape. You also can
rightclick a shape and use the Add Shape submenu of the shortcut menu to insert a shape.
If you have a list — hierarchical or not — that you would like to convert into a SmartArt object, select the list and copy
it to the Clipboard before choosing the SmartArt tool. Once your SmartArt object appears, click in the text pane.
Press Ctrl+A to select the placeholder list, and then press Ctrl+V to paste the list over the placeholder.
Changing shape styles and other formatting
SmartArt provides a number of additional tools for formatting individual shapes within a
selected SmartArt object. After clicking the SmartArt diagram, click a shape to select it,
and then use the applicable tools in the SmartArt Tools
Format tab, shown in Figure 9.54.
Formatting tools are found in the Shapes, Shape Styles, and WordArt Styles groups of
the Format tab.
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