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Using the Selection Pane
Align Objects: Gives you choices for aligning selected objects relative to one
another (when Align to Margin is selected). For example, click Align Center to
align all objects relative to their center points. You also can choose Distribute
Horizontally or Distribute vertically to space the objects equally.
Group Objects: Allows you to group and ungroup selected objects. Grouping objects
enables you to move them as a unit.
Rotate Objects: Enables you to rotate or fl ip the selected object by selecting a
preset rather than using the rotate handle
To select multiple graphic objects before aligning or grouping them, select the i rst object, and then use Shift+click
or Ctrl+click to select more.
For example, you could layer a WordArt object over a picture. Apply Bring to Front to
the WordArt and Send to Back for the Picture. Then select both objects and use Align
Objects Align Center and then Align Objects Align Top to position them. Finally, group
the objects. Techniques such as this enables you to compose more complex graphics within
Word and other Offi ce applications with similar graphics tools.
Using the Selection Pane
In Word 2013, you can format graphic objects as invisible, as long as they have a Wrap Text
setting other than In Line with Text. To determine whether or not an object is set as
invisible, open any .docx document that contains graphics with the right Wrap Text settings.
In the Editing group of the Home tab, choose Select Selection Pane.
Each object with an applicable Wrap Text setting appears in the selection tab with an eye
icon to its right. Clicking the icon makes the associated object invisible. In Figure 9.55, the
top Picture objet has been marked as invisible, and the bottom Text Box object remains
visible, as indicated by the eye icon still being visible. Use the Show All and Hide All buttons
in the pane to show and hide all graphics.
Use the Selection pane to control visibility for fl oating (not inline) graphic objects.
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