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You can use this feature to hide shapes, text boxes, SmartArt, and charts. You cannot
unbundle parts of a chart or SmartArt object — it’s all or nothing. Click the pane’s Close
(X) button to close it.
In this chapter, you’ve learned the essentials you need to know about tables, shapes,
pictures, WordArt, and SmartArt. You should now be able to do the following:
Insert a table, shape, picture, WordArt graphic, or SmartArt graphic into a
Copy material from one table into another, even if the dimensions don’t match.
Use styles and other formatting settings to add zest and color to your tables and
other graphics.
Create tables from existing non-tabular data.
Use the smart handle to change a shape.
Change WordArt style or add a background fi fill.
Add and format the text for a SmartArt diagram.
Change a diagram’s layout, style, and colors.
Add shapes where needed.
Layer and group objects.
Use the Selection Pane.
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