Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
SmartArt diagrams illustrate information in a document.
Mail Merge: Create your own, customized “form letter” wherein each copy is
automatically customized for a particular recipient (or list entry). Word’s Merge feature
even enables you to create matching envelopes and labels.
Document Security and Review: Word enables you to protect a document against
unwanted changes, as well as to track changes made by other users. Using these
features, you can control the document content through a collaboration process.
Spreadsheet programs — which provide formulas and functions that make it easy to
calculate numerical data — made a critical technology leap in business computing. Business
people no longer need to rely on adding machines, scientifi c calculators, or accountants to
perform detailed sales or fi nancial calculations. Even a beginning salesperson could insert
numbers into a spreadsheet, type a few formulas, and have the data automatically
calculated. Even better, spreadsheet programs give you the ability to represent data graphically,
which communicates the impact of the data more effectively. Microsoft Excel 2013, shown
in Figure 1.3, performs the spreadsheet duties in the Microsoft Offi ce suite.
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