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Typing a new list
Typing a new list
To create a new list (a somewhat generic euphemism for “data document”) in Word for a
mail merge document:
1. Click the Mailings tab, and in the Start Mail Merge group, choose Select
Recipients Type New List. The New Address List dialog box shown in Figure 10.2
Build your merge data source in this dialog box.
2. Type your data into the fi elds shown, tabbing or clicking to get to the next
entry fi eld.
3. To accept the current entry and enter a new record, click New Entry.
4. To remove an entry, click it and then click Delete Entry.
5. When you’re fi nished entering data, click OK. The Save Address List dialog box
prompts you to save the fi le as a Microsoft Offi ce Address Lists fi le, as shown in
Figure 10.3. Note that this is the only Save as type option.
Also notice that Word automatically assumes you want to place the list i le in the My Data Sources folder. Whereas
some users prefer to keep all merge data source i les in a single location for simplicity, others prefer the approach
of storing the data source i le in the same location as the merge document i le that uses the data source to make it
easier to copy both i les to another location when needed.
6. Type a name in the File name text box and click Save.
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