Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Typing a new list
Word saves new data source lists in the Microsoft Offi ce Address Lists format.
After you click Save, behind the scenes, Word associates the new i le with the current document. If you didn’t set a
document type using Start Mail Merge, Word sets it to Letters. You learn more about selecting or changing the main
document type later in the chapter.
While you’re working in the New Address List dialog box, if you’ve entered a lot of data and
need to fi nd a particular entry, click Find to display the Find Entry dialog box shown in
Figure 10.4. Type the search text into the Find fi eld. To search in a particular fi eld, click
the This fi eld option button and select the desired fi eld from the accompanying drop-down
list. Click Find Next to fi nd the next entry that matches the Find text in the fi eld(s)
specifi ed. When the last matching entry is found, click OK to close the message. Click Cancel at
any time to dismiss the Find Entry dialog box.
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