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Typing a new list
Once your data set is a bit larger, you might need some help fi nding a record.
If you want to create a list that consists of data other than a name and address list, click
the Customize Columns button near the bottom of the New Address List dialog box. As
shown in Figure 10.5, you can use the tools in the Customize Address List dialog box that
appears to change the fi elds in your list.
To add a fi eld select the fi eld above where you want to add the new fi eld, and
click Add; type the fi eld name in the Add Field dialog box that appears, and
click OK. To delete a fi eld select the fi eld and click Delete; click Yes in the
dialog box that prompts you to confi rm the deletion.
To rename a fi eld, select it, click Rename, type a new name in the To text box
of the Rename Field dialog box, and click OK. (To add a fi eld at the beginning,
select the fi rst fi eld and click Add, as before. The added fi eld will be second on the
list, not fi rst. Select the added fi eld and then click Move Up.)
Use Customize Address List to specify your own fi elds for a merge data source.
To save time, rather than delete all of the existing i elds and create new ones, rename the existing i elds. They are not
tied to particular types of data, so it doesn’t matter what they’re called.
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