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Depending on your security settings in Word, in some cases a message will appear when you try to attach certain
data source i les such as Excel i les, telling you that a SQL command will be run. As long as you know the data source
document is from a trusted user, click Yes at this message.
As for Outlook contacts, when you select an Access fi le or another type of database as the
data source, generally Word will have no trouble interpreting the data, as it’s by defi
nition set up correctly. Similar to when you attach an Excel data source, when you attach
an Access data source, you will need to select the table or query that holds the records to
merge. In the Select Table dialog box, click a table or query, and then click OK.
HTML i les
When working with HTML fi les as data sources, note that they cannot reside on the
Internet. You must fi rst save the fi le to your local hard drive (or at least somewhere on your
LAN or in your workgroup).
In addition, using HTML fi les as data sources almost never works unless the data has been
carefully formatted. For best results, the data should be in a table and should contain a
header row, and there should be no information above the table. If there is, the Header
Record Delimiters dialog box shown in Figure 10.9 will appear, cuing you that the data
won’t import correctly.
Another problem occurs if Word can’t recognize a consistent data pattern in the fi le or when
the data source is inconsistently formatted, such as when some rows (records) contain
different numbers of columns (data fi elds). When that is the case and you try to attach the
fi le, an error message like the one shown in Figure 10.13 appears. Unfortunately, when this
happens, the only recourse might be to edit the fi le to fi x the problem, which ultimately
means that the original data source is probably not going to be a reliable source of
additional data or updates.
FIGURE 10.13
Word displays this message when different data records contain different numbers of data
fi elds.
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