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Restoring a Word document to Normal
E-mail Messages: This is identical in concept to the form letter, except that it is
geared to paperless online distribution. Contrast this with using multiple e-mail
addresses in the To, Cc, or Bcc fi eld. Using E-mail merge, each recipient can receive
a personalized e-mail. Using multiple addresses, each recipient receives the
identical e-mail.
Envelopes: This is also identical in concept to the form letter, except that the
resulting document will be envelopes. As a result, when you choose this option,
Word begins by displaying the Envelope Options dialog box.
Labels: Use this option to print to one or more sheets of labels. This combines
Word’s capability to print to any of hundreds of different label formats with the
capability to associate a database with a document, printing many addresses (data
records) on the same page, rather than the same address on each label.
Directory: This is similar in concept to labels, in that you print from multiple data
records on a single page. Use the directory approach when printing a catalog or any
other document that requires printing multiple records per page.
To specify the kind of document, choose Start Mail Merge in the Mailings tab, and click the
kind of document you want to create.
If you want step-by-step guidance through the process, note an additional option at the
bottom of the Start Mail Merge list — Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard. Use this option if
you’re unfamiliar with the mail merge process. The Mail Merge Wizard process is described
later in this chapter.
Restoring a Word document to Normal
Sometimes, by accident, temporary need, or whatever, a Word document becomes
associated with a data fi le, and you want to restore the document to normal non–mail-merge
status. To restore a Word document to normal, in the Mailings tab, choose Start Mail
Merge in the Start Mail Merge group, and then click Normal Word Document. Note that
when you restore a document to normal status, a number of tools on the Mailings toolbar
that were formerly available become grayed out as unavailable. If you later decide that
you need to again make the document into a data document, you will need to reestablish
the data connection.
If there’s a chance that you’fill later need to restore a data connection, and if document storage space isn’t a concern,
rather than break the data connection for a document, save a copy of the document, giving it a name that lets you
know that it has a data connection. Though establishing a data connection isn’t all that difi cult or time-consuming,
you can usually save some time and guesswork by not having to reinvent that particular wheel.
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