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Assembling a Merge Document
FIGURE 10.20
Uncheck duplicate records to exclude them from the merge.
Validating addresses
The Validate addresses choice in the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box works with
thirdparty software, such as that provided with and other electronic postage
services. If you don’t have such software installed, you’fill see an error message if you click
the link. These services vary, but basically they check against a huge database of valid
street addresses to determine whether the selected address and Zip code combination really
exists. This can save considerably on costs, because it can prevent you from mailing to
addresses that don’t exist or a re missing in formation such as suite number.
Assembling a Merge Document
Regardless of which merge document type you choose (letter, e-mail, envelopes, labels, or
directory), the process for building it is similar. There are some additional considerations
for multi-record-per-page documents, however, so we will look at those separately after
discussing the common elements.
When designing a letter or e-mail you plan to send to multiple recipients using the merge
feature, it’s often a good idea to draft the document as you want it to appear, using
placeholders in square brackets for information pertaining to the intended recipient, as shown
in the following example:
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