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Adding merge fields
to insert. Using a combination of text and merge fi elds that you insert, complete the
assembly and wording of your document. Note that in addition to individual merge fi elds
that you can insert using the Insert Merge Field tool, you can use special sets of merge
fi elds to save time: Address Block and Greeting Line.
FIGURE 10.21
Merge fi elds are data tokens that you use where you want actual data fi elds to appear in the
data document.
When you insert individual merge i elds, be sure to include the proper punctuation, such as spaces between i elds or
a comma after a greeting line. Also, you can format a i eld code just as you can any other text, and the merged
information will appear with that formatting. For example, you could bold a merge i eld code to make sure the merged
information appears in bold for emphasis.
Address Block
You can insert an Address Block fi eld, which can contain a number of elements that you can
select from the Insert Address Block dialog box. To determine the contents of the Address
Block, position the insertion point where you want to insert the fi eld and click Address
Block in the Write & Insert Fields group of the Mailings tab. The Insert Address Block dialog
box shown in Figure 10.22 appears.
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