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Adding merge fields
Correct Problems: If the preview isn’t what you expect, click Match Fields. Use the
drop-down lists in the Match Fields dialog box to change the different data
elements with which each of the fi elds listed is associated, as shown in Figure 10.23.
If you plan to reuse the address block data either for the same database or for other
databases that contain the same fi eld names, click to enable the Remember this
matching… check box. Then click OK.
FIGURE 10.23
Use the Match Fields dialog box to associate each of 11 items with data fi elds from
your database for the Address Block.
After you fi nish choosing Address Block settings, click OK to insert the fi eld in the
Match Fields
If you preview your recipients and the merged data still looks off, click Match Fields in the
Write & Insert Fields group of the mailing tab to display the Match Fields dialog box shown
in Figure 10.23. Change the specifi ed fi elds from your data source as needed to match up
with the fi eld names that Word uses for merge elements, and click OK.
Greeting Line
The Greeting Line merge fi eld, like the Address Block fi eld, is a collection of different data
elements and plain text designed to save you entry time when composing data documents.
Click Greeting Line in the Write & Insert Fields group of the Mailings tab. This displays the
Insert Greeting Line dialog box shown in Figure 10.24. Use the Greeting line format choices
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