Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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to set up the greeting line, and choose a greeting line for invalid recipient names. Use the
Preview buttons to test your selected greeting line options against your actual data. If
something doesn’t look quite right, click Match Fields, use the previously shown controls
to associate the Greeting Line components with the correct merge data fi elds, and click OK.
Back in the Insert Greeting Line dialog box, click OK to insert the Greeting Line fi eld code
at the insertion point.
FIGURE 10.24
Set and preview greeting line components.
In assembling a data document, you sometimes need to control or modify how data and
records are processed. Word provides nine commands to help you do that, as shown in
Figure 10.25. The entries shown in the Rules drop-down box show how those rule keywords
are displayed in the data document.
FIGURE 10.25
Use the Rules drop-down list of Word fi elds to control how data is merged with the data
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