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Update Labels
Update Labels
When the data document type is Labels, the process for properly populating the fi elds into
the document differs a bit. After selecting Labels from the Start Mail Merge drop-down list,
the Label Options dialog box appears so you can select a label type and other options. After
you do so and click OK, use these steps to set up the label merge document:
1. Click View gridlines in the Table group of the Table Tools
Layout tab. It’s
easier to work with the label layout when you can see the label boundaries.
2. Return to the Mailings tab, and use Select Recipients in the Start Mail Merge
group to select the data source as described earlier in the chapter.
3. Insert fi eld codes for the address in the upper-left table cell.
4. Format the fi eld codes in the upper-left cell as desired. For example, you may
want to remove the extra spacing between lines and make the font size a bit larger.
5. Click Update Labels in the Write & Insert Fields group of the Mailings tab . Word
copies all text, merge fi elds, and formatting from the fi rst cell into each of the
other cells, after the Next Record control, as shown in Figure 10.26. The result is
that each sheet of labels will contain data from the same number of label cells. A
sheet containing nine labels will use data from nine database records.
FIGURE 10.26
When you insert a merge fi eld into the fi rst label cell, Word automatically puts the
Next Record control into each of the other cells.
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