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Preview Results
Preview Results
At any time as you go along, if you want to see what actual data will look like in your
document, click the Preview Results button in the Preview Results group of the Mailings tab
to toggle between the merge fi eld codes in double angle brackets and actual data. Figure
10.27 shows fi eld codes, while Figure 10.28 shows the preview data. Use the First, Previous,
Next, Last, and Go To Record tools in the Preview Results group to move between the data
records, and click Preview Results again to return to viewing fi eld codes.
FIGURE 10.27
Data merge fi elds appear in double angle brackets.
Toggle preview
on and off
Navigate between
data source records
In Figure 10.28, you can see that the restaurant’s address appears in the body of the
document, where you clearly want the restaurant’s name to appear. This can happen due to an
error in either the fi eld or the data record. You can check both and correct whichever is
necessary. This shows how valuable Preview Results can be. To more easily catch errors, you
can also use Highlight Merge Fields and Check for Errors, which will be discussed in the
next few sections.
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