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Highlight Merge Fields
FIGURE 10.29
Use Find Entry to search for a matching record in the merged data.
Return to this tool later, after your data document has been constructed, to preview
specifi c data records. It’s better to iron out problems before committing your merge to paper or
Highlight Merge Fields
Use the Highlight Merge Fields tool in the Write & Insert Fields group of the Mailings tab to
highlight all of the merge fi elds when previewing data, as shown in Figure 10.30. This can
be useful if you’re working on a complex document and need to recheck the logic and
placement of merge fi elds. If, for example, you expect a given merge fi eld result to appear in two
places in the document, this tool enables you to fi nd those locations more easily so you can
verify that the correct text appears. If you’re using conditional rules, such as Skip Record
If, Next Record If, and If, this also helps you focus on the results so you can verify that the
rules are working as expected.
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