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To achieve positive outcomes in situations such as persuading customers to buy; convincing
your company’s leadership to invest in developing a new product you’ve conceived;
training members of your team to follow a new operating procedure; or making sure that a group
of volunteers understands program requirements — you must deliver your message in a
clear, concise, convincing, and often visual way. A presentation graphics program helps you
inform your audience in situations like those just described, and more.
The Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 presentation graphics program (see Figure 1.5) enables you
to communicate information and ideas via an on-screen slide show or by printing the pages
as handouts. Each slide should present a key topic that you want to convey, along with a
few supporting points or a graphical reinforcement, such as a chart or picture. In this way,
PowerPoint helps you to divide information into chunks that audience members can more
easily absorb.
Use PowerPoint to present your message in informative slides.
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