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Finishing the merge
print out every week. Rather than go through the mail merge exercise each week, save the
merge labels in a separate Word document, and then print them each time you need them.
That way, you don’t need to go through the whole mail merge routine unless the underlying
database has changed.
You might also choose this option if you don’t trust other ways of proofi ng the results.
Instead of printing from the Mailings tab, send the results to a new document where you
can examine each of them, and then print when you’re ready.
When you choose this option, Word displays the Merge to New Document dialog box shown
in Figure 10.33. If you want Word to create a limited number of output documents, choose
either Current record or indicate a From/To range. Click OK to create a new Word document
with the merged data.
FIGURE 10.33
Select the desired records to merge and click OK.
If you choose this option for an e-mail merge, the resulting document(s) will not be useful except for prooi ng the
e-mails. To actually send the e-mails, you have to choose the Send E-mail Messages option.
Printing documents
From the Finish & Merge drop-down list in the Finish group of the Mailings tab, choose the
Print Documents option when you’re certain that the merge will give you the results you
want. When you click Print Documents, Word displays a dialog box with similar options to
those shown earlier in Figure 10.33, this time sporting a Merge to Printer title bar. Specify
which records to merge and click OK to launch the Print dialog box. Make any additional
choices and decisions, including which printer to use, cross your fi ngers, and click OK.
If you don’t trust all of the previews and error checks at this stage, and you want to be extra sure before wasting a
tree, use the Name drop-down list in the Print dialog box to see whether you have an option that produces electronic
images of printed pages, rather than actual printed pages. Using office 2013 and Windows 8, you should at the very
least see Microsoft XPS Document Writer, which is Microsoft’s alternative to PDF i les. Then you can review what
actually amounts to your best possible print preview.
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