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Step 4: Write your letter
Step 4: Write your letter
In Step 4, you are greeted with four options:
Address block: This enables you to insert an Address Block fi eld as described
earlier. See the discussion under “Address Block” for additional details.
Greeting line: The Greeting line option enables you to insert a Greeting Line merge
fi eld. See the “Greeting Line” section for more information.
Electronic postage: As indicated previously, the functioning of this option
requires the installation of third-party software that enables you to apply postage
to items you send.
More items: This option displays the Insert Merge Field dialog box shown in Figure
10.37. Leave Database Fields selected to see the fi elds in your data source. Before
displaying Insert Merge Field, move the insertion point to the document location
where you want a merge fi eld to appear, click More items, select the fi eld, and click
Insert. Dismiss the dialog box and repeat this series of actions for each merge fi eld.
In practice, however, if you know which fi elds you want to insert, select (with
Shift+click or Ctrl+click) and insert them all at once, and then cut and paste them
where you want them to go.
FIGURE 10.37
The associated fi elds in your data source are listed when you choose Database
Use a combination of text and merge i elds to write the data document, inserting merge i elds where you want
database i elds to appear. When you’re done, click Next: Preview your letters.
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